A Caring, Encouraging Approach to Paediatric Dentistry (Children Dentistry)

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It’s important to encourage healthy habits early on, and our dentists believe that every child’s first visit to the dentist should be as positive, calming and fun as possible. It is important to remember to take your precious children to the dentist before any dental pain or problem occurs. Our dentist main aim here at Camberwell Dental and Facial Care is preventative dentistry for your children.


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Calm, Positive & Encouraging

Dr Ellie Borhani is a registered dentist with intrest in paediatric/children dentistry. With more than 10 years experience, she believes the most important thing is to love children and to provide a nice environment that makes them feel calm and at ease. She encourages and rewards children for their bravery with stickers and gift bags tailored to their age and personality to encourage children wanting to return to the dentist. Her aim is for children to see her as a friend, so that they look forward to their dental visits. She educates them on dental care using simple words they can understand. She sets children up with healthy habits and attitudes to carry into adulthood. If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr Ellie after school, on Saturday or during school holidays, it is advisable to get in touch well in advance.


Our Camberwell Dental Clinic is well set up to make children feel welcome.

Features include:

  • Entertainment Systems: Children can watch their favourite TV shows during their procedures at the dentist.

  • Waiting Room: We have dedicated children waiting area with lots of toys and entertaings. We understanding the stark, overly clinical appearance and feel of many dentist waiting rooms can be very intimidating for children who might already be nervous so we try to ensure our environments are as warm and positive as possible.

  • Gifts: Every child who sees our dentist receives a gift. These gifts are tailored to each child’s age and personality.

  • Understanding and Communication: Our dentists takes care to speak to kids using positive and encouraging language built from words they understand.